I Bring Me, Confidently!

Would you say you are an Extrovert, Introvert or an all-consuming Ambivert?

Just when you thought you knew everything about confidence. Auntie’s memories, antics and stories will have you looking at confidence from an entirely different perspective. An extrovert perspective that is!

Her somewhat flamboyant yet educational views of confidence will have you turning the pages for just a little bit more. Her determination to remain optimistic through the put downs and blows to her self-esteem is riveting.

Auntie’s motto to live by is… God choose what I go through, I choose how I go through it! You can see this theme at work in this heartfelt, endearing and empowering story about confidence from an extroverted perspective.  

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A New Level Of Confidence

Jerilyn Rogers

Can a life changing event change your personality or rock your confidence?

Think about living your life so full of confidence that all around you is   positivity . 

Imagine living your life where everything in your world was joyful and great. Jerilyn lived in such a world as an extrovert, until one day tragedy struck causing her entire world to crumble.  No longer able to face the world she chose solitude and emptiness.

Journey through the hills, mountains and valleys with Jerilyn as she rediscovers life after tragedy. Travel with her as she finds peace in her new world with the help of God, family, friends and new adventures.

Segway with her as this once outgoing, fun loving beauty bounces back with a renewed sense of confidence.

Jerilyn Rogers

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The Power Of Vulnerability

Breanne Pendleton

What's your superpower?

Many of us have a known, yet unacknowledged power. That power is vulnerability! 

Take a glimpse into the day and life of a young woman who has battled self-doubt and insecurity. Her life experiences with an introverted personality has made building confidence a mile high hurdle. 

With a newfound superpower she discovers her true power and invites you to do the same. 

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